Our courses

Our (remote and free) courses are intended for Spanish-speaking teachers. Our courses are also useful for other knowledge exchanges such as talks, seminars, or conferences. To take part, please complete this pre-registration form in Spanish. This information will be used to invite you to our courses.

We will do our best to invite you to take our workshops as soon as possible. When we do so, you will receive an email with the instructions to join the online course. We will use the Zoom platform. If you are not familiar with it, do not worry, part of what we will do is to help you familiarise with it. You will receive all the instructions you will need in our initial contact email.


Introduction to online teaching essentials

Introductory online synchronous workshop for general online teaching.

How to teach programming online

Introductory online synchronous workshop to teach programming online

Creating interactive tutorials with {learnr} package

Introductory online synchronous workshop to create interactive tutorials with {learnr}.

Zoom Workshop

Introductory online synchronous workshop to teach with Zoom.