Melissa Black

Melissa Black

Project Coordinator

Experience and Track Record

Melissa Black brought valuable research experience in connectivity, technology and society in Latin America. In her role as Project Coordinator, she led the Open Science 101 “Exploration Mission”, a study group on the NASA-TOPS content from a local perspective.

Melissa also contributed as:

  • Co-lead of the Turing Way translation team.
  • NASA TOPS Open Science 101 Subject Matter Expert.
  • Former mentor and mentee in OLS and Outreachy.
  • Certified Carpentries instructor.
  • Software Sustainability Institute Fellow (2023 cohort, SSI/OLS fellow).

In our “2023 Manzanita Internal Gala Awards” that shows the great value brought by each person to the team, Meli has won the All-Terrain Award, since she can speak several languages perfectly, represents us masterfully in external communities, elevates discussions, and always invites us to think outside the box.


  • Open science
  • Community building
  • Translation