MetaDocencia Governance Meetings

Participate in the conversations that will guide the learning process to collaboratively build our form of government.

About the events

Our Vision

We work to make the production, communication, and application of scientific and technical knowledge equitable globally.


Our Mission

To advance innovation with a local perspective that responsibly builds scientific and technical capacities through the co-creation of networks, learning spaces, and accessible resources for Spanish-speaking communities.


Open Source and Open Science in Latin America

A conversation on growing global communities with local roots

Open grant narrative: A Collaborative Interactive Computing Service Model for Global Communities

We recently submitted a grant to Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and wish to share some details about it as well as the grant narrative for others to read and re-use.

MetaDocencia collaboratively builds its governance

Between July and October 2022 we host 8 events with the goal of contributing to the collaborative design of our governance