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Our remote and free courses are intended for Spanish-speaking community.

2023 Workshops Consulting

Our Vision

We work to make the production, communication, and application of scientific and technical knowledge equitable globally.


Our Mission

To advance innovation with a local perspective that responsibly builds scientific and technical capacities through the co-creation of networks, learning spaces, and accessible resources for Spanish-speaking communities.


Artificial Intelligence and Education: More Questions Than Answers [Updated]

We share many questions that we recommend you ask yourself when you see AI applied to Education.

Thinking Critically about Artificial Intelligence and Education [Updated]

We share some critical thoughts and ideas about the potential uses of AI in Education

We started to transform toward Open Science together with NASA: 10 points!

How did we get here? What does it represent? How will we work? What reach and impact do we expect? Let us tell you more in these 10 points