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To learn and get used to options and tools of the online meeting platform Zoom to promote a comfortable and friendly classroom. We will think in your learners needs and decide which tools are appropiate to address them.

During this online workshop:

  • You will set up your Zoom account in the best way given your classroom needs.

  • You will practice how to manage a Zoom session.

  • You will create and manage breakout rooms, with the possibility for you and other instructors to visit the small groups.

  • You will schedule a Zoom meeting to practice the management of every detail in the frame of your own session.

Intended public of this course

In order to take this workshop, we recommend you to take Introduction to teaching essentials before, it’s not a requirement though.

When we designed this workshop, we had in mind Maria and Juan as our learner personas.

  • Maria has been a University teacher for more than 30 years. Given her experience, she is very required for talks and seminars. She is very confident using email and WhatsApp.

  • Juan splits his teaching time between delivering workshops for companies and classes at High-school. He has a lot of experience in technology tools, he teaches from Home. He takes care of his 2-yo and 4-yo daughters.

Check out personas to read more about them.

Not included in this workshop

Since we only have 3 hours, a lot of things will be out of reach of the workshop. Among other things, we will not learn:

  • In-depth strategies for teaching online
  • Theory of pedagogy or educational sciences
  • Specific techniques for teaching content from different fields of knowledge
  • Specific techniques for handling classes of more than 30 people

How to participate

If you hadn’t done it before, please fill on this registration form in Spanish.

In order to participate in this workshop please fill in your email in the following form:

(In the form does not appear, it is possible that you have a blocker that prevents you to see it. In this case you, you can follow this link)

As soon as we open slots we will send you an invitation email so you can choose the day and time that suits you best.

The workshop is free. Those invited to the workshop agree to abide by our code of conduct.


This is a 3-hour workshop with intervals (ideally away from any screen) of approximately 5 minutes for every 50 minutes of content.

Sample schedule

This workshop is focused on activities developed in small groups and hands-on exercises to practice Zoom tools.

This schedule assumes the start of the course is 9 am, but this will vary according to the time slot we will mention in the invitation message.

Duration (min) Time Activity
5 09:00 Time to connect and make sure your audio and video connection is good (if you don’t have a camera it doesn’t matter, but if you do, it helps)
10 09:05 Introduction to the course and team formation
15 09:15 How to manage Zoom during a meeting
10 09:30 How to choose the correct tool
15 09:40 Exercise for Group 1 - The rest of the course follows Activity 1: ¿What should we do during our classes?
5 09:55 Break away from the screen
15 10:00 Some useful tips
15 10:15 Exercise for Group 2 - The rest of the course follows Activity 2: ¿What could go wrong?
15 10:30 Setting up global options in Zoom
15 10:45 Exercise for Group 3 - The rest of the course follows Activity 3: ¿Which options are better for your course?
10 11:00 Break away from the screen
10 11:10 Scheduling meetings and sending invites in Zoom
15 11:20 Exercise for Group 4 - The rest of the course follows Activity 4: Schedule a meeting to practice later with your group
15 11:35 Each group do the activity that missed when they were in the Exercise
10 11:50 Questions and feedback
- 12:00 End of the workshop

Course materials

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Our materials are available for free under this license. You can reuse or edit any material that appears here, the only thing we ask in return is that when you reuse our materials you include a reference to this website.