Romina Pendino

Romina Pendino

Institutional and Advisory Committee

Experience and Track Record

Romina Pendino is currently finishing her thesis to obtain a degree in Social Communication at the National University of Rosario. In her career, she has worked in various media in the city and has held the role of coordinator of communication spaces aimed at young people and adolescents.

Currently, Romina works in the area of People Management and Community Guidelines, where she contributes her experience to ensure a healthy and respectful work environment. She also works actively in the Governance and Teaching teams.

Romina is a certified instructor for The Carpentries, part of her commitment to teaching and promoting open science. Her active and prolific participation in the areas of Community Guidelines and People Management reflects her interest in contributing to the smooth functioning and development of collaborative initiatives.

Inside the team, Romi has won the Community Guru Award because she contributes with initiatives generating an increasingly welcoming, caring and safe environment. Her sensitivity is complemented by dedication, commitment and a lot of conviction.


  • Education
  • Gender and Human Rights
  • People management and labor relations
  • Communication